Dogs In The Workplace

Dogs In The Workplace

Dogs In The Workplace

Today might be National Take Your Dog to Work Day, but more and more companies are opening their doors to dogs every day of the week. We chatted with Kathleen Schneibel, COO and CFO of Easiway Systems in Delano, MN, about the benefits and strategies of having canine employees in the office.

On Fridays, Easiway can have anywhere from 1 to 6 dogs. Kathleen brings Kookie, her 13-year-old Rough Collie happens to be a Club Mutts client. Other friends include Emmet, Coco, Bailey, and Madie! Tia the Yorkie, a fellow Club Mutts member, often pops in, too. Stress goes down, relaxation levels rise, and all the employees enjoy the dogs’ company. At her previous job, a couple dogs were nearly employees themselves! The president had a standard poodle, and a senior Golden Retriever came to work almost every day to lend an experienced paw.

Does your office need a Kookie or an Emmet? Could your company use more smiles? You could make it happen! Just be sure to follow a couple of general guidelines:

1. Check with your employer before bringing your furry companion to work. Some employees may have allergies or dog phobias that would affect their work and wellbeing. Your building or workplace might also have sanitary requirements that do not allow animals in the office.

2. Don’t bring a rambunctious or restless pup to the office. Instead of lowering stress levels, a demanding or anxious dog will be a distraction and create more stress for you and your coworkers.

Kathleen is right about the emotional benefits of having a pup (or 6!) in the office. Workers are calmer, happier, and more relaxed when a dog is on staff. Unburdened by stress, they are often more focused and productive, too! As Kathleen put it, “You just cannot have a bad day when they come up to give you some love.”

We totally agree, Kathleen! Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day at Club Mutts!