New Puppy Check List

You have a new puppy! Hooray! It’s an exciting time for everyone, and we know how fun it is to shop for new puppy things. With so many options to choose from, where do you begin?  It’s SO tempting to splurge on all of the cute things! However, starting with the basics will help prepare you and your home for your new fur-ever friend.

Below is a list of the 8 TOP things you should purchase when getting a new puppy.

1. Collar & Leash

Your puppy will need a collar and leash the day you bring it home. Regardless of how plain or fancy, a collar is necessary to hold their identification tag, which should list your name and phone number.

2. Containment

Crates. Some people don’t like the sound of the word “crate”, but with proper training, your pup will learn to love and even seek out their crate as a safe space.

Crates come in different sizes and styles, from plain wire cages to  travel-style, plastic crates.  It doesn’t matter which kind you choose, but always make sure it’s the right size for your pup. If it’s too small they’ll be uncomfortable – too big and they might just turn their safe space into a toilet!

If crates still aren’t your thing, consider a play pen of sorts in a room with easy to clean floors.

3. Dog Bed

When your pup first comes home, they’ll need a soft, warm bed. You may be tempted to let them sleep with you, but you should hold off until they are at least housebroken.

4. Food & Water Bowls

Your puppy will need a place to eat and drink! There are plenty of options for food and water bowls out there! They range from plastic to stainless steel.

Although more expensive, stainless steel is typically the suggested bowl style, as they are strong and easy to clean and sterilize.

new puppy

5. Food & Treats

Even though they are small, puppies have BIG appetites. Since they are still growing, they need a special diet formulated for their high energy needs.

Treats are almost a given, and can be used as a housebreaking reward or to learn tricks and commands.

6. Grooming

Your pup will need grooming. At the most basic level, your puppy should be brushed, bathed, and should receive regular nail trims.

This is a good time to get them used to seeing a groomer. Once they are used to it, they will be more comfortable with being bathed and handled.

At Club Mutts, we offer puppy first groom/bath services that help with just that! Click here for our services!

7. Identification

Your puppy will require some identification in case they ever get lost. While there are two options — identification (ID) tags and microchips, it’s a good idea to use them both!

8. Toys

Puppies love to play! Toys can be categorized into chew toys, plush toys, fetching toys, rope and tug toys, and critical thinking toys, like treat-dispensing devices.

Despite all the tantalizing toy choices at your local pet store, you should only offer your puppy strong, durable, well-made toys that are sized appropriately for him or her.