November Top Dog

November Top Dog

Scout and Bandit are Wheaten terrier siblings, just one year apart in age—sister Scout is 9, and her brother Bandit is 8. They come in to Club Mutts whenever their soft, fluffy coats need a thorough wash, brush-out and trim. These two may not shed much, but their beautiful, long coats need serious TLC!

They love to socialize with everyone while they are here. It makes them a little wiggly, but they are excited to see all of their friends! They run right up the stairs, ready for attention.

Scout and Bandit can be pretty sneaky, too! They are natural escape artists and seem to vanish out of any kennel we try. When they get out, they make sure to say “hello!” so that we know we’ve been outwitted!

When they are not playing Houdini, Scout and Bandit love playing with footballs and snacking on pig ears. We look forward to seeing these trickster pups and their gorgeous coats soon!

Your Club Mutts Team