Dog-Friendly Breweries

Dog-Friendly Breweries

Spring is just around the corner! With the change of season and warmer temperatures on their way, restaurants and breweries are opening their patios to customers and dogs alike. There are dozens of dog-friendly places in the Twin Cities area, and breweries will be full of happy dogs and their owners this spring and summer. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up – take your dog out and celebrate at one of our favorite local breweries!

For years, dog owners had to leave their pups at home when going out to enjoy food and drinks. Over time, however, this trend has changed. More food service businesses are allowing dogs in outdoor (and sometimes even indoor!) spaces. Younger generations are especially excited about bringing their dogs to breweries. For a full list of dog-friendly breweries in Minnesota, click here.

Dog-friendly breweries and restaurants can be hugely beneficial to business owners while pet owners enjoy time with friends and pups. Patios seen with dogs are attractive to passerby’s – the heartwarming inclusivity attracts new customers! Though customers with dog allergies or sensitivities may steer clear of dog-friendly breweries, Minnesota is known for its brewery presence – there is something for everyone!

We hope you enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and fully embrace patio season this spring in our great state. The next time you’re considering going out for food or drinks, check if the establishment is dog-friendly – you may be pleasantly surprised!