Dog Books

Dog Books

August is here, and it’s almost time to go back to school! This is a great time of year for people young and old to stimulate their brains. What better way to do that than with a great book? There are plenty of dog books for canine lovers. Whether you enjoy a scientific approach, a solid biography, a gripping fiction, or just a good cry, there is something in this list for you!


E.B. White on Dogs by E.B. White
From the author of Charlotte’s Web comes a collection of essays, notes, and sketches that’s sure to connect with dog lovers of all kinds. Collected and edited by his granddaughter, Martha White, each piece comes from White’s own real-life pups. Sure to amuse and touch every reader, White is also a master writer. Each sentence is a treat!

How Dogs Love Us by Gregory Berns
How Dogs Love Us is chock-full of scientific research on what goes on in a dog’s brain. What creates the strong bond between human and dog? Where does that loyalty come from? Above all, what do dogs think about? Neuroscientist Gregory Berns and his rescue dog, Callie, tackle these questions together by doing what no one had done before—using an MRI scanner!


The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
If you haven’t read this New York Times bestseller, now is the time! Enzo, our canine narrator, spins a tale about the human condition as he sees it. Funny and heartbreaking, thoughtful and exciting, Enzo teaches readers about life by watching his owner, Denny Swift, navigate family life and his dream of racing cars professionally. Grab a tissue for this one!

The Call of the Wild by Jack London
One of Jack London’s best-known novels, The Call of the Wild is the story of Buck, told from his perspective. This St. Bernard-Scotch Shepherd is forced to transition from a life of luxury to the fierce, cruel life of labor and the wilderness. If you have already read this famous tale, consider White Fang or Jerry of the Islands, other dog books by London.

For Kids!

The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog by John R. Erickson.
Illustrations by Gerald L Holmes
Since 1982, Hank the Cowdog has sent children into fits of giggles with his outrageous adventures. A herding dog on a Texas ranch, Hank sees himself as a detective when in reality, he often makes a mess of things. Full of goofy dialogue and ridiculous predicaments, kids and adults alike will cheer when Hank finally gets it right. If this book is a hit at your house, there are over 70 books in the ongoing series!

My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen
From the author of Hatchet and Dogsong comes a nonfiction collection of stories about the many incredible dogs of Gary Paulsen’s past. Pups include his first dog, Cookie, to a more recent companion, Josh, and every dog in between. Readers of all ages are sure to love Paulsen’s straightforward storytelling, which brings drama, danger, and love alive.

For even more dog books, check out this great list at BarkPost. Happy reading!