Dog Bakeries

Dog Bakeries

Dog bakeries are becoming huge hits around the country with varieties of natural, wholesome treats for pups. We even have our very own at Club Mutts launching February 23rd, which happens to be National Dog Biscuit Day! The brand, “Club Barkery” is your local dog bakery with delicious, nutritious goodies produced by the trusted team at Club Mutts. We will be offering Club Barkery products in-store and online. Treat your pup to some local goodness after a great groom!

No matter what size, breed or age of animal, pet owners have one major thing in common – they love to spoil their pets! Dog treats now broadly range in variety, from the original dog biscuits to raw-hides to a whirlwind of dog-friendly desserts! While owners can go to numerous pet stores, grocery and convenient stores to purchase their pup treats, one seller is on the rise: dog bakeries.

Dog bakeries have been popping up all over the United States over the past decade. The draw to dog bakeries is not just the beautiful presentation of delectable pastries, but the natural and healthy ingredients. As we are becoming more conscious of the ingredients and processes that go into producing our own food, we have a renewed focus to be conscious of what we’re feeding our pups, too!

This rapidly growing market took off about ten years ago when independent start-up companies took a stab at entering the $22 billion pet food industry. While pet owners indulge every once and a while on baked goods and sweets, why shouldn’t dogs be able to do the same? The best part is the ingredients are fresh, wholesome and natural – filled with nutritious foods that dogs enjoy. Simple ingredients like eggs, chicken, peanut butter, whole grains, and fruit are combined to create many  dog bakery goodies!

There are many benefits to visiting dog bakeries versus buying generic treats. Dogs can have sensitivities to certain ingredients, and unless you read the very fine print, ingredients are easily missed on packaged treat labels. At dog bakeries, the ingredients are straightforward and often times, the baker is right behind the counter! Inquire about ingredients, treat portion size, and any other questions you may have with the people who create the goodies by hand. Allergy-sensitive treats can be hard to find, but are becoming more widespread at dog bakeries around the country. Visit your local dog bakery today!