December Top Dog

December Top Dog

Gaston may be a 9-year-old Standard Poodle, but there is nothing “standard” about him! Gaston is a gentleman, comedian, and trickster all in one! We love seeing him every month at Club Mutts, when we trim his coat to the most flattering styles.

Gaston loves to be in the spotlight, and he doesn’t want to share! That’s because he is an excellent one-dog comedy act. His favorite thing to do is make everyone laugh! He loves the sound of laughter, especially when he has caused it.

We all look forward to seeing him, because he is the funniest dog we’ve ever met! One summer, the power went out while we were grooming Gaston. We had to finish his session in the humid, hot darkness—but Gaston didn’t mind. In fact, he did crazy tricks on the table to turn our situation into the best comedy show in town!

When he isn’t at Club Mutts, Gaston enjoys stealing shoes and gnawing Dentastix. He also loves gobbling down buttered banana bread!

We can’t wait to see your next comedy act, Gaston!

Your Club Mutts Team