Charities & Nonprofits

Charities & Nonprofits

Ah, November—the month of first snows, pumpkin pie, and overflowing gratitude. Thanksgiving has extended beyond a single Thursday, stretching the whole month as people share their joy and thankfulness for many gifts in their lives. At Club Mutts, we are deeply thankful for our canine friends of all shapes, sizes, colors, and kinds!

Part of this season of thanks is about giving to others who need support. Give to the Max Day is an annual, statewide fundraiser from GiveMN, which is led by the Minnesota Community Foundation and other organizations. It is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year on November 15th! Since 2009, GiveMN has raised $150 million for charities and nonprofits thanks to the generous fundraising of Minnesotans.

Our nonprofit partner, Helping Paws, is participating in Give to the Max Day! Helping Paws  “breeds, trains, and places assistance dogs with people who have physical disabilities and veterans with PTSD.” We are proud to support them and all of the incredible work they do for those who need a helping paw.

This year, Helping Paws’ Give to the Max Day is sponsoring a litter of puppies that will eventually become service dogs. The “Smile Litter” consists of 7 Golden Retriever pups who are eager to learn but need lots of care and training before they are ready to help others. On November 15th, the Smile Litter will greet their adoring public at the Helping Paws training center! Refreshments, training demonstrations, and lots of puppy love will be included. For full event details, see their event page.

Pockets feeling a little light this year? There are other ways to help your local charities. Offer to volunteer your time to help at events or support fundraising strategies. If it’s a rescue, consider fostering an animal to prepare them for a forever home! For an extensive list of animal-focused charities in Minnesota, head to

We are thankful for our furry clients and for you! Thank you for bringing your beloved pets to us for their grooming needs. It is truly a blessing to serve this community!