August Top Dog

August Top Dog

We are saddened to announce the passing of our August Top Dog, Winston. We want to share some memories of Winston in his honor.

Winston was a Scottish Terrier with powerful charisma. He was certainly a member of Club Mutts Royalty! Every 2 weeks, he arrived for the luxurious treatment his little coat deserved. A kind ruler, he was one of the most loving dogs at Club Mutts, and the groomers often fought over serving him each visit. Everyone adored him, and he knew it. He could get away with almost anything!

Despite his charm and royal status, Winston was just like his subjects. His favorite toy was a plain old shoe, and he enjoyed gnawing on Dentastix. His favorite treat? Buttered banana bread. Yum!

It’s hard to say goodbye, but we are grateful for the time we spent with Winston. We know he is gnawing on shoes and gobbling buttered banana bread across the rainbow bridge!

Much love,

Your Club Mutts Team

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